Warkworth Community Care: Christmas Party

Warkworth  Ontario has had a community nursing home for at least the past 30 years. It is part of the community spirit.  And nowhere is that more evident than the annual Christmas party put on by the staff. Here is sampler of some of the going ons:

Entrance way for the Christmas Dinner

Tere is a flurry of activity as the Community care home has been not just decorated but transformed for the upcoming dinner and entertainment,

The staff in fun costumes ready to greet family members

The staff is at the ready, knowing every home member by name and ready to direct the incoming family members to their table for the evening’s feast. It is a turkey and stuffings meal that this party, having missed the Thanksgiving repast, could really appreciate.

Kitchen staff preparing Warkworth specialty, pies for desert

The kitchen crew has pulled out all the stops and that means  Warkworth Pie Finesse will be part of the tasty desert round up with lemon meringue pie light and tasty or Pumpkin pie with crumbly crust and juicy filling – ahh what a meal capper.

Its a race to get all the meals served in a timely fashion...

 The staff really scurries around as there are nearly 200 meals to be served and the waftings of delicious food from the kitchen cannot but help to have mouths watering. There is wine – a good local light with tea,  coffee, juice and water to sprinkle and sparkle the main meal. Mom and I try a touch of the wine in the tea – delicious!

Here is Mom after a delicious meal, especially the Lemon pie!

This meal was a topper and you can tell by the conversations at the table and surround. Ohhs and ahhs about the food and general good cheer in the key of A excellent repast.

Afterwards there is Piano and Viola to accompany the singing of Christmas carols.

Hearty voices break out in full splendour from some amazing sources. Thankfully you do not need to hear ye editor; but in general after a song fest and more chats the Christmas party is done … and in great style.


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